I know you can't tell from this stupid drawing what makes my speaker cabinet design special.  On the outside they look like any other speaker cabinet , a simple box.  The secret stuff is inside the box.


What makes these cabinets really standout from the rest is the CLEAR undistorted sound they produce.  They sound GREAT! They have a very smooth response! so they are perfect for PA, Guitar, Synth, and  Bass. These cabinets are also very LOUD.


The speaker cabinets are designed so that the quality of the speakers you use is actually enhanced.  In fact most speakers can be driven with more power and sound better.


I decided to post these plans because I got a call from from a guy who asked me if I would be willing to sell him a copy of the plans to build my speaker cabinets.  He told me he went to a party over 20 years ago where I was doing a lightshow and providing sound reinforcement. 


He told me that he heard two of my speaker cabinets at that party and that even 20 years later he still remembered how great they sounded! Imagine building speaker cabinets that people will remember for 20 years!  


I know you will really like these speaker cabinet plans. The plans are very detailed but they are easy to understand. You will not need a table saw. But I do recommend a few, optional, specialized tools that make building them easy. 


Using these plans you can build 1 x 10", 1 x 12", 1 x 15", and 1 x18" speaker cabinets AND 2 x 12" and 2 x 15"  speaker cabinets.  The plans include detailed instructions for all six speaker cabinets.


For Just $10.00 you get a 19 page set of easy to build plans for all six speaker cabinets!


TERMS: Buying the speaker cabinet plans does NOT give the purchaser the right to sell, give away, or distribute, in any manner,  in whether in whole or in part, for profit or not for profit, whether direct or indirect, the speaker cabinet plans.


If you agree to the above the terms and you want to buy the plans, click on "I agree".  I will send you the plans as an Adobe Acrobat file attached to an email as soon as I receive payment.


The COOLEST Speaker Cabinet Plans in the World!

Peace in the Colors

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