If you have ever used a  "color organ" circuit to control your lights you  have noticed that the lights never seem to be as bright as they should be.  The problem is, before they have time to turn on all the way they are turned off.  Worse, most color organs turn on the lights slightly after the beat of the music.  And all color organs get boring quickly because it is not very entertaining to watch a plain colored light flash to the beat of the music.


I have solved all three problems with this design.


What I am selling is set of plans to create a "sound to light" circuit that causes up to four Kodak Ektagraphic III slide projectors to flash to the beat of the music.  AND the circuit can be easily modified so that you can control any 120 volt light up to 1000 watts!


The 13 page file includes a parts list, assembly instructions, circuits, photographs of the device, step-by-step stuff, application ideas, and all the information you need to build one easily, cheaply, and quickly.


I am selling the plans for only $10.00!


You will receive the pdf file by email after I receive your payment.


Buying this design file does not give the purchaser the right to sell, give away, distribute, reproduce, or copy, in whole or in part, for profit or not for profit, whether direct or indirect, the devices described therein.


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Sound to Light Plans