Plasma Device Special Effect Plans

What I am selling here is a set of plans that describe how to simply and inexpensively build a professional quality special effect device. The plasma device creates trippy patterns with beautiful plasma like full motion colors.

For $10.00 USD you get a very easy to understand Adobe Acrobat pdf file that contains all of the structural design information you will need to build a really cool, visually stunning, psychedelic lightshow effect.

You will receive the plans as a pdf file attached to an email after I receive your paypal payment. You must be able to accept email attachments. There are no printed or CD versions available. Use your own printer.


Buying the plans does NOT give the purchaser the right to sell, give away, distribute, reproduce, or copy, in whole or in part, for profit or not for profit, whether direct or indirect, the plasma effect plans.


If you agree to the above terms and you want to buy these plans click on "I agree".