I have been contacted so many times by people who want to know how to build a kaleidoscope lens that I decided sell some plans.

The plans contain everything you will need to know in order to build a really cool kaleidoscope lens just like the lenses we use in live performances of the Rainbow Prism Atomic Lightshow. 


The plan includes all necessary structural design information and a java script calculator that will adjust the structural dimensions of the lens to fit the projector and the available construction materials.  I also talk about the kind of projector, and how to customize a Kodak (tm) Ektagraphic III projector and turn it into a kaleidoscope projector. .

I am selling the plans for only $10.00 USD!

Buying the plans does not give you the right to sell, give away, distribute, reproduce, or copy, in whole or in part, for profit or not for profit, whether direct or indirect, the kaleidoscope lens plans. In other words,  you are buying the plans for your personal use only.

If you agree to the above the terms and you want to buy the plans, click on "I agree".


This is the kind of effect you can project with a kaleidoscope lens mounted in a projector that has a rotating image disk.