Crystal Slides Information

What I am selling here is a set of instructions that describe how to create a beautiful special effect in which soft hued rainbows drift slowly along feather like plumes and  dance across sharply chiseled landscapes mixed with swirling colors in frost like images.

I tell you exactly which chemicals to use to create crystal slides and I describe the various techniques involved in manipulating and controlling the formation of crystals.  


I include a section discussing the physics involved and I tell exactly how to modify a projector using a homemade wave plate and polarizers to increase and control the color of the bifringent crystals so that this Auroratone like effect can be projected for large audiences. 

I tell you how to control the flow of colors across the crystals and also how to how to pulse the phase of the polarized light electrically so that the colors on the crystal can be moved in sync with a musical beat in a color organ like manner.


For $10.00 USD you get a very easy to understand file that contains all of the information you will need to build a really cool, visually stunning, psychedelic lightshow effect.

You will receive the file attached to an email after I receive your paypal payment. You must be able to accept email attachments. There are no printed or CD versions available. Use your own printer.


Buying the file does NOT give the purchaser the right to sell, give away, distribute, reproduce, or copy, in whole or in part, for profit or not for profit, whether direct or indirect, the crystal slides information.


If you agree to the above terms and you want to buy these plans click on "I agree".


Do it yourself method of creating beautiful rainbows using homemade wave plate, crystals from chemicals, polarizer to create psychedelic and Trippy stokes Auroratone and Optikinetics Crystal Pulse like effects.

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