Resources for Light Artists

Lightshow, Dance Party, Rave, Psy Trance, Goa, and Psychedelic Gatherings

Rave Links SF Bay Area
SPRACI - Site for party rave and club info
World wide party info - and other cool stuff
Rave Light Shows


UV water dyes, paints etc.
UV water dyes, paints and other stuff
Ultraviolet and UV Lamps
400 Watt Blacklight Lamps
Altman Stage Lighting Company, Inc. - Blacklight Floodlight- UV-705
WildFire UV Products

Light Art Publications

Asphalt Strawberry Magazine
Leonardo On-Line: Art, Science and Technology

Lightshow Parts Sources

Fresnel Lenses
Sound Activated Image Control
Bright LED arrays
Used luminares
Overhead Parts Source
Buhl - Navitar Optical Home Page
Altman Stage Lighting
Used Equipment
Mole Richardson
Rosco International
Star - dj, sound, special effects
LN2 Products
Indoor Pyro
Audio Visual Parts - RMF
The Lighting Store
Draper Screens
black light - Related Links Page
Uv Curing Lamps
Entertaining solutions including Gobo Effects Projection, custom aluminium trussing, exhibition booths and POS display advertising
On Stage Visuals' Lighting and Audio net pricing for American DJ most popular items!
Camera Repair Tool Catalog
Lighting Products
Bright Star Productions: Equipment Rentals
! Special Effects - fog, sound, lights, etc. (@ Nightmare Factory) !
Clock parts catalog links
Timesavers Clock parts
Fresnel Lenses
WIKO Ltd. Corporate Home Page(Orland Park, IL USA)

Lightshow Lighting Ultra Basic

Light information

Lightshow - Links collections

Theatrical Technology Links - Effects


Dave's Math Tables
Geometry: Online Interactive (Science U)

Optics - lenses - etc.

Meller Optics, Inc.
E. McGrath, Inc. Catalog
JBV Optical Custom Precision Optics for Eximer Laser Work
Incredible Stuff at Unbelievable Prices: American Science & Surplus
Precision Tool Technologies
Newport Glass Works, LTD. grinding supplies
Collinscraft Canada
Navitar Optical


Audio Visual Parts - RMF
Small Parts
Mc Master Carr - use explorer
MPJA - Electronic Mail Order Supplier
Motion Control Products Distributor & Robot Systems Integrator
American Science & Surplus
Arrick Robotics - PC-Based Motion Control Products
Stock Drive Products Gears, bearings, pulleys
Welcome to Boston Gear
Precision Minature Components
Secs, Inc
Nordex, Inc.
Allied Devices
VANTEC - Home Page
Edmund Industrial Optics: On-line Catalog
Ross Optical
Align Optics, Inc. - Plastics
LaCroix Optical Co. - Manufacturer of Precision Optics
Lenticular Supplies
Fine adjustment screws


Bengt's Photo Page
Panoptic Camera
Funky SteadiCam
Lenticular Supplies
Camera Repair Tool Catalog
DrT's PSA Page
DrT's Stereo Camera, Viewer & Projector Services
How to make Bellows
Uv Curing Lamps
Micro Tools - camera parts


Psychedelic Visions
BodyPainting Links Index
The Sky Sessions
the Lycaeum - Entheogenic Database & Community


Technological Artisans, Inc. - Lasers, laser projectors, parts, software!
Sam's Laser FAQ - Laser and Parts Sources
Midwest Laser Products- Products
Lasers: Safety, Info, Links, Parts; Diode, HeNe, Ar/Kr Ion Lasers
Laser Show Resource Guide
400 Laser Links

60's Community

Children from the 60s growing their spiritual garden.
Haight Ashbury Home Page


Crystal Growing

Lightshow Theatrical Fabrics, etc. (cheap outdoor screens)

Black commando and other fabrics"
Star Drape and other fabrics"
Cheap white tarps - fire retardant"


Other Ingredients for Dyeing from Dharma Trading Company

Electronic Parts and Tools

All Electronics Corp.
Cutter Electronics
Digikey Electronics
Electronic Goldmine
Jameco Electronics

Hot Glass

Warm Glass -- A Guide to Fusing, Slumping, and Kiln-forming Techniques
Centre DeVerre - Jen-Ken Kilns for Glass and Ceramics
Denver Glass, melting furnaces, kilns and beveling equipment.
Evenheat Kiln, Inc.
L&L Kiln Mfg Ceramic Kilns
Paragon Industries, Inc. - Manufacturer of Kilns and Furnaces since 1948
- KAISER-LEE QUALITY FIBER BOARD - for your glass fusing molds & shelves

Stepper Motor Stuff
Arrick Robotics - PC-Based Motion Control Products

Stereo 3D Visual Effects

The Victorian 3D Society, Inc: AUSTRALIA

Servo Motor Info

RC servos how they work
PIC R/C Servo Control Code
kens RC home page


Don's Xenon Flash and Strobe Page
Ratings of Some Xenon Flashtubes

Search Engines

Google Groups
Google Advanced
Engine collection
Nerd Wide Web
All the Web
Best Price
InterTran (tm)
Reference Desk
Reference Desk