Tali Elohev

Copyright, 2002, Tali Elohev,  All Rights are Reserved.

The above images were sent to me by another online friend, Tali Elohev.  Tali is a accomplished painter and light artist.  Her interest in expressing emotion through dreamlike kinetic color lead her to explore and master a lumia technique in which colors and shapes interact with each other and the audience over time.


Her art explores the natural and intense impact of color purified by its abstraction from consciously recognizable shape, and masterfully moved into primal forms that react with the viewers subconscious mind. In this way the viewer is gently drawn into an exploration of their own color/shape/time/emotion boundaries.


While the images I have placed here do in fact represent single moments in the creation of Tali's art they do not capture the essence of her art any better than a photograph of a ballet dancer captures the essence of ballet.


Lumia is the moment to moment creation of art that exists one second and is gone the next. Lumia can only truly be experienced live, but video comes close.   I encourage you to visit Tali's web site for more information about videos of her art.


Tali's Web site is just a click away.