Model A - Transmission Lost


The first time I heard Model A play live, I was blown away!  I was standing on top of a light tower at a concert working a couple of liquid projectors.  Model A started their set with the song, "The Wasted Line".  Patrick, their incredible guitarist, drifted it in with a slow and tasty feedback electronic wind up and then all of a sudden the whole band hits a down beat like they have one brain and they start doing CPR on my chest.  After a few bars Brandon's high clear voice floats over the music like a sparkling psychedelic cloud and the song starts reving up like a freight train leaving the station!


I was stunned! My ears were dancing and my hair was on fire!  I have not heard a band sound that good for a long, long, time!


Model A has a sound that is mind-expanding, textural, powerful, loud, poly-rhythmic, psychedelic, beautiful, and moving, all at the same time.  Their sound runs and flows like a liquid silver hallucination and it hammers like German steel on a cold anvil.


Trying to tell you who they sound like is a waste of time.  But, I can tell you two things.  First, Model A's second album "Transmission Lost" is very cool.  It's the kind of album that you play on a hot summer night while cruising down a California freeway with your top down and the volume cranked all the way up.  Second, if these guys ever get the kind of management they deserve, they will be huge.